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Road Force Balance in Barrie, ON
Hunter Road Force Balance

You Deserve the Comfort that Goes Along with Road Force Balancing

Action Tire & Auto Services, we perform tire and wheel services that maximize tread life and ride comfort. We specialize in tire balancing, road force balancing, and vibration resolution. Our automotive service facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment for optimal results, like the Hunter Road Force Balancer.

The Hunter Road Force Balance system is one of the best tire and wheel balancers in the auto service industry. Our technicians use this system to solve vibration problems caused by imbalances in your tire and wheel assemblies.

We serve Barrie,  Innisfil, Orillia,  and surrounding areas.

What is Road Force Balancing?

The purpose of any wheel balance service is to solve imbalance problems like vibration and tread wear. A standard tire balancer measures static and dynamic imbalances that cause a tire to vibrate or shimmy. While a regular tire balancer can correct weight distribution problems, there are other causes of vibration that the standard machine isn't designed to find.

A road force balancer mimics real driving conditions and detects additional causes of vibration that a regular tire and wheel balancer misses.

Our technicians use the Hunter Road Force Balancer to identify the position and amount of imbalance in your passenger or light truck tire and wheel assemblies, along with other problem causes.


Within Minutes, Hunter Road Force Balancer Pinpoints Problems

Our equipment identifies:

  • Wheel Imbalance
  • Wheel Run-Out
  • Force Variation of the Tire
  • Mounting Errors
  • And Other Issues

The machine transmits the necessary corrections to a diagnostic screen so our staff can make precise corrections and ensure your wheels are properly balanced.

A road force balance provides an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle. The Hunter Road Force Balancer is guaranteed to perform a tire balance test faster than traditional balancing equipment. It solves vibration problems, identifies vehicle pulls, ensures proper centering, and eliminates setup errors in order to provide a new car ride to your vehicle.

Don’t risk the wear and performance of your tires on any other auto balancing technology.

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